About us

This is Urban Riderz, your one-stop-shop for electric scooters and contemporary urban transportation. We aim to provide city dwellers with the relevant information they need in order to move around the urban jungle more efficiently and sustainably. Electric scooters are a green, convenient and cost-effective way of commuting. We believe that in the context of growing and evolving cities, this is what defines future mobility.

Urban Riderz prides itself on providing reliable and complete intel about electric scooters. Our team of professionals ensures that each model is researched thoroughly before it can be reviewed. What can you expect from us? We give our readers everything they need to know when it comes to safety as well as design aspects and technology in a scooter.

We understand how overwhelming it can be in relation to electric scooters due to rapid pace at which technology develops. Thus, the layout of our website has been designed for the ease of use so that you have access to plenty of resources - such as purchasing instructions, comparison tools or even tips on maintenance. Urban Riders caters for both newbies and old hands who love riding.

Our dedication to upholding excellence does not end with product reviews only. Sustainability and urban transport are some of the topics we always talk about all day long. A community is created through social media platforms where latest news stories concerning industry trends are shared via blogs. Such actions help us bond together as a group with similar mindsets committed towards ensuring that an eco-friendly and efficient town is achieved soonest possible time! So come along with us while we embark on our journey towards transforming city rides one at a time!