Comparison of NIU Electric scooters for 2024

Electric scooters have become extremely popular, for transportation due to their design and eco friendly features. These modern machines offer an cost effective way to travel around the city. Whether you're tired of traffic jams or simply looking for an efficient way to navigate the streets electric scooters are changing the game in transportation.

So what is an electric scooter? Essentially it's a two wheeled vehicle powered by a motor that can be recharged using a power outlet. Their lightweight and compact design make them easy to handle in areas and store in spaces. By eliminating the need for gasoline they have an impact compared to traditional vehicles making them popular among eco conscious commuters. Most models can be folded up. Carried with ease adding to their convenience when hopping on transport or storing at work.

It's not about getting from one place to another. Electric scooters offer a mix of functionality and enjoyment. They come with features, such as motors for quick acceleration and technology like app connectivity, for planning routes and monitoring battery life.

Riding a scooter can transform your commute into something you eagerly anticipate rather than dread. Picture yourself gliding through the morning hustle feeling the breeze in your hair effortlessly navigating past traffic congestion and reaching your destination without any exertion. It's quite a thought isn't it?

You might be pondering why investing in a scooter is worth considering. Firstly they are highly efficient, for short to distances. They are ideal for cruising around the neighborhood running errands or even commuting to work if you live nearby. They reduce travel time. Eliminate the hassle of searching for parking spaces. Moreover they prove to be cost effective over time. Despite their initial price being substantial think about the savings on gas, parking charges and maintenance expenses. Electric scooters have components compared to cars or motorcycles resulting in reduced repair needs and lower upkeep expenses.

Furthermore electric scooters present a choice, for individuals concerned about sustainability. In a time when climate change and pollution take center stage as concerns opting for a scooter means diminishing your carbon footprint.

Many cities worldwide are adopting this trend by incorporating designated lanes for scooters and providing rewards, for choosing transportation options.

Furthermore lets not forget the joy of riding one. There's a freeing feeling in zipping around on a scooter. The sensation of gliding the speed and the effortless handling can bring back a sense of youthfulness even if you're just commuting to work.

In this piece we will delve deeper into the realm of scooters by comparing two known models from NIU – the K2 Pro and the KQi3 Max. NIU has established itself as a player in the electric scooter industry renowned for delivering notch dependable scooters that excel in both performance and style. Whether you're a scooter enthusiast or a complete novice our aim is to assist you in determining which of these models aligns best with your lifestyle. Stay tuned as we analyze aspects, from battery longevity, to construction quality to guide you towards an informed decision.

We have spent around 3 hours on products details, features, specification and reviews analysis to write this article and provide as most detailed and comprehensive information as possible.

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Quick comparison

NIU K2 Pro
NIU KQi3 Max
Ratings & Reviews
(1635 Reviews)
(1635 Reviews)
Maximum range25 mi40 mi
Charging time7 h8 h
Maximum speed17.4 m/h23.6 m/h
ColorWhiteKQi3 Max-40miles
Age Range (Description)AdultAdult
Weight Limit220 lb265 lb
Product Dimensions44.25"L x 6.85"W x 48.03"H45.12"L x 21.32"W x 47.32"H
Number of Wheels22
Model NameK2 ProKQi3 Max
Wheel MaterialRubberRubber
Frame MaterialAluminumAluminum
Item Weight18.2 kg20.3 kg
Handlebar TypeAdjustableAdjustable
Wheel Size10 in9.5 in
Wheel TypeRubber Tubeless tiresself-healing tubeless tires
Suspension TypeDual SuspensionDual Suspension
Brake StyleRear Brakingfront disc brake & rear disc brake EBS
Warranty TypeLimitedLimited
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H47.24 x 23.03 x 9.53 inches47 x 23 x 11 inches
Package Weight25.4 kg24.6 kg
Brand NameNIUNIU
Warranty Description2 year2
MaterialAlloy SteelAluminum
Suggested Usersunisex-adultunisex-adult
Part NumberKQi2 ProKQi3 Max
Model Year20222022
StyleK2 Pro White-25milesKQi3 Max-40miles
Included ComponentsMounting accessories1
SizeK2 Pro WhiteKQi3 Max

NIU K2 Pro

NIU K2 Pro
4 / 5 from 1635 Reviews

Average price:$379


Release date:December 1, 2021

Maximum range:25 mi

Charging time:7 h

Maximum speed:17.4 m/h


Age Range (Description):Adult

Weight Limit:220 lb

Product Dimensions:44.25"L x 6.85"W x 48.03"H

Number of Wheels:2

Model Name:K2 Pro

Wheel Material:Rubber

Frame Material:Aluminum

Item Weight:18.2 kg

Handlebar Type:Adjustable

Handle Height:46.3 in

Wheel Size:10 in

Wheel Type:Rubber Tubeless tires

Suspension Type:Dual Suspension

Brake Style:Rear Braking

Warranty Type:Limited

Recommended Uses For Product:Commuting, Adults

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H:47.24 x 23.03 x 9.53 inches

Package Weight:25.4 kg

Brand Name:NIU

Warranty Description:2 year

Material:Alloy Steel

Suggested Users:unisex-adult

Part Number:KQi2 Pro

Model Year:2022

Style:K2 Pro White-25miles

Included Components:Mounting accessories

Size:K2 Pro White

Hello, fans of scooters! Today lets delve into the world of the NIU K2 Pro scooter—an feature rich ride crafted to enhance your daily commute. Powered by a 300W motor reaching up, to 600W at its peak this scooter zooms up to speeds of 17.4 mph effortlessly. Conquers inclines with ease. Its impressive range of 25 miles on a charge made possible by the capacity 365Wh lithium battery and regenerative braking system ensures you're ready for urban exploration. This sleek white scooter is not stylish but foldable and portable making it convenient to store under your desk or in your car trunk.

So what sets the NIU K2 Pro apart? Lets talk about its focus on comfort and safety. Equipped with 10 inch tubeless tires for shock absorption and a dual braking mechanism for stops you'll glide through rough roads confidently. Safety features like a halo headlight, brake lights and even a mechanical bell enhance your commuting experience, in weather conditions.

Furthermore the built in intelligent functions accessible, through the NIU app provide the flexibility to adjust speed settings and activate cruise control offering a combination of ease and authority thats hard to match.

However lets not overlook some drawbacks. One downside is the 7 hour charging duration, which may be considered lengthy for individuals with schedules. While the top speed of 17.4 mph is respectable it doesn't rank as the fastest in its category. With a weight limit of 220 lbs it may not be ideal for users. Moreover although the scooters foldable and portable design is convenient its weight of 18.2 lbs could be burdensome for those who need to carry it

In terms of pricing the NIU K2 Pro is priced at $599 USD. Positioned within the tier segment of the electric scooter market that spans from $132 to $1599 the K2 Pro fits comfortably within this range. With a 4 star rating from 1585 reviews on Amazon it indicates a positive reception from users.

In conclusion the NIU K2 Pro electric scooter presents an option for commuters by offering a blend of performance safety features and smart technology, at a mid range cost.

The NIU K2 Pro offers a 25 mile range and dual suspension, for convenience and comfort. However it's worth noting that the 7 hour charge time and weight limit may be factors to take into account based on your requirements. Overall with a 4 star rating and a good amount of feedback this scooter seems like a dependable choice that won't put a strain on your wallet. Enjoy your rides!

NIU KQi3 Max

NIU KQi3 Max
4 / 5 from 1635 Reviews

Average price:$599


Release date:October 16, 2022

Maximum range:40 mi

Charging time:8 h

Maximum speed:23.6 m/h

Color:KQi3 Max-40miles

Age Range (Description):Adult

Weight Limit:265 lb

Product Dimensions:45.12"L x 21.32"W x 47.32"H

Number of Wheels:2

Model Name:KQi3 Max

Wheel Material:Rubber

Frame Material:Aluminum

Item Weight:20.3 kg

Handlebar Type:Adjustable

Wheel Size:9.5 in

Wheel Type:self-healing tubeless tires

Suspension Type:Dual Suspension

Brake Style:front disc brake & rear disc brake EBS

Warranty Type:Limited

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H:47 x 23 x 11 inches

Package Weight:24.6 kg

Brand Name:NIU

Warranty Description:2


Suggested Users:unisex-adult

Part Number:KQi3 Max

Model Year:2022

Style:KQi3 Max-40miles

Included Components:1

Size:KQi3 Max

The NIU KQi3 Max Electric Scooter stands out for its 450W motor enabling a speed of 23.6 mph and a range of, up to 40 miles on a single charge. Ideal for city commutes or leisurely rides it features a lithium battery with braking for ride times. The scooters dual action brake caliper crafted from die cast aluminum alloy offers improved braking performance and safety with reduced heat buildup.

A key highlight of the NIU KQi3 Max is its features and certifications including Bluetooth connectivity and an LED display for customization options, like speed control and cruise function. Noteworthy are the self healing tires that automatically seal punctures to prevent tires.

The scooters appeal is enhanced by its UL safety certification and the option of a 2 year warranty or a 90 180 day parts specific warranty demonstrating NIUs confidence, in its durability and reliability.

However like any product the KQi3 Max has its downsides. One issue to note is the charging time, which takes 8 hours for a charge potentially posing a challenge for users who need recharges frequently. Additionally the scooters weight of 20.3 kg although reasonable for its features might be cumbersome for those who have to carry it over distances or stairs regularly. Despite these drawbacks the overall performance and features of the scooter generally outweigh these concerns.

In terms of pricing the NIU KQi3 Max falls on the end of the electric scooter market range, at $749.97 USD. While this price tag represents an investment compared to electric scooters priced between $132 and $1599 in the market it offers a quality experience without entering into the top tier price category.

The NIU KQi3 Max electric scooter has received a 4.1 star rating, on based on feedback from 157 users suggesting that it is well received by its user community.

To sum it up the NIU KQi3 Max stands out as an scooter that delivers strong performance smart features and reliable safety elements. Although it may take longer to charge and be slightly heavier its impressive speed, extended range and convenient attributes such as self healing tires and Bluetooth connectivity make it a compelling choice. Priced at $749.97 USD it provides value for the variety of features it offers. Has garnered a commendable 4.1 star rating, from users.